Education/User manuals for teachers


What is Fagpersonweb?

AHO is constantly taking small steps towards digitalizing our systems. To simplify your work, to get an overview of students on courses, contact information and the opportunity to send mail to students in courses, to see records of what your students have completed and which study programs they are affiliated with, we introduce the web solution Fagpersonweb.

Fagpersonweb is the place where you, as a teacher, have an overview of all courses you teach, where you see who is participating in your course, where you can send messages to all or part of the class, and where you can get an overview of which subjects your students have taken and will take. All who are listed as teachers will be registered in the system, with the precondition that you have a valid contract with AHO. 

In addition you will be able to search through courses, study programmes and students affiliated to the study programme you are teaching in. You will also get access to the students education plan to get an overview of the courses they have passed and will attend later in their studies.

Log in to Fagpersonweb here to check it out.

You use your regular AHO username and password to access (Feide username and password).

We hope this can help make it easier for you as a teacher to have an overview of students accepted to your course and get in touch with them. The information you receive through fagpersonweb is confidential and should not be shared with others outside AHO.

Some practical information:
All information that you find in fagpersonweb is taken from the student administration's system Felles Studentsystem (FS). The students who are listed as participants in your course have themselves registered for this through their web portal Studentweb. If students are missing from the lists that you have access to, it is because they for various reasons have not fulfilled the registration.
You will also get an overview of which exam forms and requirements the study administration has registered on each course. This is obtained from the study plan in Emweb.

Do you have technical problems or want training in the use of the website, contact the study administration's back-office Kjersti Meyer Petersen (  or Reier Møll Schoder (