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Employment conditions

Ethical guidelines

Ethical quality of service provision and the exercise of authority is a prerequisite for citizens to have confidence in the state service. The aim of these general ethical guidelines is for all government employees to be aware of this.

Read more about the Ethical guidelines for the public service here

Ethical guidelines for AHO 2022 (pdf)

Ethical Guidelines for Academic Supervision

Information for foreign employees (censors, guest lecturers, etc.)

Payments to foreign employees can often present a number of problems.
It is important that these problems be solved before the person
concerned is to be paid, so that the payment itself can be effected as
painlessly as possible for all parties involved.

Anyone who invites a foreign censor, guest lecturer etc., must therefore
be aware of the following:

  1. Tax deductions will not be made for payments under NOK 15.000. For payments from NOK 15.001, a tax of 50 % will be deducted. The payment will, independent of the amount involved, be reported to the relevant authorities in the home country of the person concerned.
  2. Expenses for travel, hotel etc. will only be reimbursed on the basis of original receipts. Regarding plane tickets, the passenger receipt must be presented.
  3. We must get the following information from the person concerned; name, private address, date of birth, bank account number, name of bank, address of bank, SWIFT-code of bank. The same applies if the payment is to be made to a firm, an employer or similar.
  4. Cash payment or payment by check is unfortunately not possible.
  5. The money transfer itself can take some time, due to circumstances outside of our control. Transfers to countries outside of Europe and North America can take especially long. In the EFTA/EU region money will with a few exceptions be transferred in Euro. To other parts of the world US Dollars is the must common currency.


Salary and contracts: short term & by the hour

Salary and time sheets for short term contracts

New routine for registration and payment of time sheets.

Applies to time sheets for lecturers, examiners, assessment committee, supervisors and student assistants.

Forms for timesheets can be found here.

The employee fills in employee information and number of hours etc. in the time sheets. This is sent / given to the course / subject manager who confirms by sending the timesheets to:

For foreign nationals who do not have a D-number, a copy of the passport must be attached. Stays of more than 3 days in Norway require a D-number.

The timesheets are registered in the payroll system and sent for electronic approval to the head of Institute/department.

The deadline for submission to timeliste@aho.no is the 10th of the month before payment month.

The deadline for electronic approval / instruction of the section / head of department is 25th of the month before payment month.

Incomplete timesheets will be sent back for correct completion.

All timesheets must have a valid contract. Timesheets without a contract will not be processed.


Timesheet, censor

Download form: timesheet for censor

Timesheet, expert assessment

Timesheet, external supervision of PHD thesis

Timesheet, lecturers

Timesheet, student assistants and extra help

Agreement on time-limited assignment based on invoicing

Working hours & absence

Working hours

  • Working hours: 07.00-17.00
  • Academic staff work 37,5 hours per week, all year
  • Technical and administrative staff work 37,5 timer per week, different working hours winter & summer
    • From 15. September to 14. May kl. 08.00-15.45.
    • From 15. May to 14. September kl. 08.00-15.00
  • Please register your working hours 

Holidays & reduced office hours

  • Work-free days 
    • January 1st. 
    • Maundy Thursday
    • Maundy Friday
    • Easter Eve
    • Easter Sunday & Monday
    • May 1st (Labour day)
    • May 17th
    • Ascencion Day
    • Whit Sunday & Monday
    • December 24.-26th.
    • January 31st.
  • 2 days off during Christmas
  • Working hours during Christmas (27.-31.12)  10.00 to 15.00.
  • School is closed on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve
  • Working hours on Ash Wednesday 08.00 to 12.00.

Registration of working hours

Academic staff

Technical-administrative staff

  • Register attendance and absence using the SAP-portalen.
  • Make sure you registrations are up to date within the 10th of every month

Short time staff 

  • Register attendance using these forms "timelister" and hand them to your head of department within the 20th of every month

Positions with doctoral competence or equivalent