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Use of the student workshop

The student workshop (Lettverkstedet) includes the workshop rooms, plaster room and varnish room
Open around the clock provided that the rules below are complied with.


  • Only persons who have undergone basic training under the auspices of AHO and who hold a card for access can use the machines
  • At least two persons must be present when using machines. 
  • The band saw and circular saw are turned off between 24.00 and 8.00 (time switch).
  • The workshop attendants are responsible for day-to-day supervision of the student workshop. 

General orderliness

  • You are responsible for keeping the workshop in good order while you are working
  • You must tidy up immediately once you are finished
  • Use the sanding table for sanding and grinding
  • Do no pour plaster or concrete down the sink
  • Machines, tables and equipment must be tidied, swept and dried off
  • The floor must be swept and vacuumed
  • Waste must be discarded in accordance with the waste management procedures
  • Objects on the shelves in the storeroom must be labelled with the date, name and phone number. 
  • Objects stored on the shelves for longer than 14 days will be thrown away 
  • The storage boxes will be emptied before 20 June. 
  • The cabinets will be emptied after 20 June and any private belongings will be thrown away.

Waste management 

  • Residues and waste must be placed in bags or containers
  • Varnish containers / spray cans must be placed in barrels
  • Flammable waste must be placed in a special container
  • Chemicals must be delivered to the workshop attendant for destruction
  • Plaster, concrete, metal, wood and plastic must be placed in the appropriate containers

Extractor fan and fume hood

  • The dust chip extractor for the bond saw, circular saw and *sander starts automatically 
  • Start the extractor fan for the sanding table before use. 
  • When spray painting objects, place them as close to the *can as possible. The switch to the *fume hood is to the right of the door. 

Non-conformities, faults and deficiencies