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AHO WORKS AWARDS: the winners

AHO WORKS AWARDS: the winners

Congratulations to AHO´s talented students who received a prize at AHO WORKS AWARDS!

All the prizes except for the Diploma prize is from the Studio exhibition 13-17 December. 

Industrial design (K8)

Kexin Fan & Yiting Zhao: Design Studio MOGU

Excellence in the Use of steel (Norwegian Steel Association)

Jonathan Værnes – Tectonic Exercises

Service design (Making Waves)

Service Design 1: Partner: Jar Isforum. The whole course

Excellence in the use of concrete or brickwork (Bygg uten grenser)

Søren Olav Bessesen & Åsmund Skeie - Guest Studio

Interaction design (BEKK)

Miryam Pippich & Irén Andresen: design studio: Shift

Excellence in the use of timber (TreFokus)

Knut Børre Mølstad – Tectonic Exercises

Strategic Approach to Design (Live Work)

Andreea Tecusan, Helene Falstad: FERTILITY TOOLS.

Professionalism (Arkitektbedriftene i Norge)

Marius Falkenberg Erikstad og Eirik Mikael Skogli – G3 Byboligen

Complexity and Holistic approach (EGGS Design)

Thiago Freitas:  UDI as a case for examining workplace democracy.

Excellence in Urban design and planning (AHO)

Are Hagen - Civic Miniatures

Form & Expression (AHO)

Mikkel Sommerschield Jøraandstad: BLEKK

Computer graphics (Graphisoft)

Images of many natures – whole studio

Sustainability in Design (Halogen)

Julia Grundström, Ole Birger Neergård, Ragnhild Milter og Martin Brændhaugen: 'Mellomrom'

Nomination for RIBA President’s Bronze Medal Award for 3rd year project

Daniel Todorov Tenev, Fabian Langerud Granhaugen,  Stine Mari Gallefoss - GK5 By- og arkitektur

Nomination for RIBA President’s Silver Medal Award for master prosjekt

Silvia Michaela Diaconu - Islands: Images of many natures

Europan Norway´s student prize

- Nominations
Oskar Hjellbakk  - Elemental Concepts of the Subarctic City -blue/green/white
Anais De Massey, Torunn Marie Eriksen, Jeanette Hoff​​  - GK5 By- og arkitektur
Simon Desimpelaere - High-Density, Climate-Adapted Urban Housing
Kaja Skaskiewicz - Guest studio
Erle Austrheim - Civic Miniatures 

AHO PRIZE FOR Best exhibition design

Tangible Interactions The whole course
Islands: Images of many natures. The Whole course

Beste Design Diplom (Designit)

Simon S. Guzman. Supporting the journey of recovery.


Statsbygg Prize - nominations

Aurora Andersen Hilde and Guro Langemyhr: The theatre park
Sigurd Aune Hellem and Vegard Thilo Halleland; AFTER THE OPERA - A study of the fluctuating urbanity of a small island community
Kristoffer Ruud Røgeberg: Densifying suburbia

*the winner will be annouced at a later date.



We thank our generous sponsors for giving AHO this opportunity each semester, as well as the jurys that has worked throught the nominations:

Jury architecture: Helle Storvik (Asplan Viak), Øystein Rø (Transborder), Jonas Norsted (Atelier Oslo).

Jury design: Dan Sevaldson (former Volvo Cars), Lucas Cueni (Schibsted), Rachel Troye (AHO).