Awards to our design students!

Awards to our design students!

Camilla Monrad-Krohn, Ask Helseth, Taral Jansen and Mikkel Brandt Bugge won student awards at the Core 77 Design Awards 2016.
They won for, respectively, Potential Energy and 2020 Oslo tram in the categories "Strategy & Research Award" and "Transportation Award".

Jury commentary "Potential Energy":
We would like to lift and give credit to the eco-system thinking and addressing a very important and critical topic using design methodology and exploring it in a very professional way.

Jury commentary "Oslo tram 2020":
Proposes a clearheaded solution and demonstrates a good eye for putting material together for effective visualization.

In addition both Heidi Hoen (The Future of Journalism) and Liz LeBlanc (In Their Shoes) received each a Student Notable.
A Student Notable was also awarded to Camilla Monrad-Krohn and Ask Helseth for their Potential Energy, this time in the "Service Design Award" category.