Diploma candidates - ready for the world!

Diploma candidates - ready for the world!

Years of hard work and schooling is over for 27 candidates in architecture, 10 candidates in landscape architecture, 26 in design and one Ph.D. candidate.

AHO's rector Ole Gustavsen was clearly proud as he lead the canditate procession into the fully packed auditorium. In his speech he advised the candidates to be opened minded and dare to be different.
- Some of the smartest and most successful people I know are the people who are constantly evolving, always learning. It does not end with school. Seek out different perspectives. Maybe even change your mind - an exercise that becomes more and more difficult - with age. 

Musician Tormund Blikra Vea from the National Academy of Music played guitar, professor Einar Sneve Martinussen addressed the candidates on behalf of the school’s teachers and Martin M. Brændhaugen and Hanne Morstad greeted the candidates on behalf of the students.
Poltician Espen Barth Eide, who was invited as the guest speaker, encourage the candidates to be creative and ambitious and seek work which promotes sustainability and positive development.
- Be brave and never stop asking questions about how you can do it even better. But keep having fun! Because those who have fun at the workplace, also deliver better results. 

The students taking their leave today are ready to enter the world of architecture, design and landscape architecture. As AHOs rector Ole Gustavsen told them:
- You are leaving this school as the best prepared generation in the history of our country. However, don’t stop there. Try not to rely only on what you have learned in the classroom. Instead, let your compassion, curiosity, empathy towards others, and commitment service-guide you.