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Exhibition of students’ projects from AHO Guest Studio

Exhibition of students’ projects from AHO Guest Studio

On Sunday 24 October the exhibition “Along the Pearling Path - Reimagining Baraha” is opening in The House of Architectural Herritage, Muharraq, Bahrain. The exhibition is a result of the AHO Guest Studio course “Pearling Path” from autumn 2020. 

In their projects, students of The Oslo School of Architecture were investigating the possible architecture for “un-planned and un-programmed” transient public spaces of baraha, by designing new contemporary structures based on their research of public life in Muharraq. The new structures should engage temporary structures, informal life and activities of the city and - create beautiful spaces in-between the monuments of Pearling Path and sea-shore. The aim was to produce a series of punctual architectural interventions with seasonal, climatic and transient character along the Path, inspiring the new awareness of public spaces in the city.

The exhibition is part of AHO’s 75 Anniversary Celebration, organized and kindly supported by Bahrain’s Authority for Culture and Antiquities

Along the Pearling Path -
Reimagining Baraha

Opening: Sunday 24 October 2021, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Exhibition closes 24 December 2021

Adrian Moene, Ahmet Cam, Aksel Akselsen Falkanger, Hedda Juel Paulsen, Helene Sellevoll Karlsen, Irina Garnets, Magnus Olav Wickmann, Riham El Moazen, Siren Fjærvoll Saltvik, Thomas Ryan, Viviana Avila Castañeda

Noura Al Sayeh
Neven M Fuchs
Aleksandra Ognjanov
Giacomo Pelizzari
Mio Oribe
Thomas McQuillan

Pearling Path