Student life

Access card

Your first card

Groups of new students will be given a time for when they can take a photo for their access card. Cards can then be picked up from Academic Services. Your first card is free of charge.

New card

If your card is lost, broken or worn out, you must order a new one from Academic Services. If your card is lost or broken, you must pay NOK 150 at reception and bring the receipt to Academic Services. If your card is worn out, you hand it in to receive a new one free of charge.

Your new card can be picked up from Academic Services approximately 2 days after you have ordered it, unless you have been given other information.


You can change your PIN by contacting Academic Services. The change will be effective after a few hours.

Additional access levels

All students have the same basic access level through AHO’s card system. If you need special access to a room for a shorter or longer period of time, you can fill out the form for additional access level. The form must be signed by your superior or responsible teacher who can confirm your need for additional access.

Activate your card for copy/print

New cards will normally be activated for copy and print before they are handed out. If your card is not activated, you can contact

Transfer money to your print account

You can transfer money to your print account here. If you order a new card, you can transfer the money from your old card if you still have it. Contact If your old card is lost, the money is also lost unfortunately.

Digital Student Identification App

You can get your student ID and semester card as an app on your smartphone.

  • The student ID App is accepted by Ruter, NSB and SiO, among others.
    You can download the app on IOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.
  • You must have registered and paid the semester fee in order for the student ID to be valid.
  • You can also use your student ID card together with your semester card. If you would like to receive a semester card in paper format, you order this in the reception at academic services. 

Download the app!

  • App store (IOS).
  • Google Play (Android).

FAQ - Digital Student Identification App

How do I log on to the app?

You log on with the same username (sxxxxxx) and password you use on other AHO systems (mail, computer etc.).

When can I start using the app?

You may start using the app as soon as you have registered in StudentWeb and paid the semester fee. Please note that it can take up to 5 working days before your payment is registered in our system.

Do I still need a AHO student card (admission card)?

Yes, you need your student ID card to borrow books from the library, to print, to access the workshops and to get into the AHO buildings where you have your classes. All students must keep their student ID cards on them whenever they are on campus.

How do I use the app to prove that I have the right to buy a student ticket on NSB or Ruter? 

When you meet a ticket inspector, you need to show your transport ticket (NSB or Ruter) together with your Digital Student Identification App and valid picture ID. The app proves that you are an active student at AHO.

Why doesn’t my picture show on the app?

AHO has different systems for registration of students and access to the school. At the moment the consequence is that your picture will not be visible in the app. We are working on making the two different systems compatible. 

Is the Digital Student Identification App valid when it doesn’t show my picture?

Yes, it is valid, but you will have to show additional picture ID. The app still proves that you are an active student at AHO.

I am getting an error message. What does that mean?

Please send an email to if you get an error message.

How can I order a semester card in paper format?

Please send a mail to You can pick up your card in the information desk at academic services. 

What kind of information does the app gain access to?
The app gains access to the following information: name, date of birth, student ID number, educational institution, student status (whether you have registered and paid the semester fee or not).

Where is this information stored?

The information is stored in the app, on your device.

How long is this student ID valid for?

The semester registration and payment is valid until 31 January for the autumn semester and until 31 August for the spring semester.

I need help with the app. Who do I contact?

Send an email to

What is Feide?

Feide is the electronic identification system chosen by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research to provide secure access for the education system. AHO uses Feide. This implies that you can use the same username (sxxxxxx) and password to get access to a range of services, including this app.

What is FS?

FS is an administration system used by AHO as a database for student information and records. The Digital Student Identification App uses this system to access necessary information about you.

Terms and conditions for the use of the Digital Student ID App

The application will show information such as name, educational institution, and whether or not you have registered and paid the semester fee.
The app functions as student ID at student welfare organizations in Bergen and Oslo. Other operators may decline to accept the app as student ID. If the app does not include your picture, you are required to show additional picture ID.
When you start using the app for the first time, internet access is required to download necessary information. The information will be stored on your device, so the app can be used offline. In the event of your device running out of battery or malfunctioning, you will be required to use your semester card and valid ID to document your student status.

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design carries no responsibilities for fines or misuse of the application etc.