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A queer look at architecture


Credits: 6
Teacher: Alma Oftedal

The first part of the seminars in this series is devoted to studies of poststructuralist directions such as cultural myth criticism, feminism, queer theory, postcolonial theory and animal studies. The students are encouraged to reflect on how changes in point of view can affect the way we understand the world, and on how the architectural discourse can be grounded on radical inclusivity.
The second part is devoted to artistic investigations. In this part, the students explore the seminar topics by means of drawing, photographing and/or making three-dimensional works, all based on relevant fictional texts.

Working and learning activities
The students present the syllabus texts for each other, as well as write a reflection paper and do artistic investigations on the seminar themes.

Learning outcome
  • Knowledge of central directions in modern cultural theory
  • Knowledge of how to write a reflection paper
  • Knowledge of how to do artistic investigations on the relationship between literary, cultural and architectural themes.

Links to more information and reading lists for specific seminar

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Spring 2021: Feminism in Architecture
Fall 2021: Architecture and Feminisms 
Spring 2022: Queer Space