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Master of Design

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design is a specialised university college offering professional Master’s degree programmes at the highest level within architecture, landscape architecture and design. AHO has 650 students and 50 PhD students. Located in a vibrant and central part of Oslo, the school is a converted factory building, updated and modernised to suit the needs of its students. The school offers an international environment, nearly a 1/3 of the students at Master’s level are international students. All Master’s programmes are taught in English.


The facilities at AHO are unique. There are workshops for wood, plastic and metal alongside a full-scale construction hall, Direct Digital Manufacturing labs, and the most current IT resources. The AHO library has an extensive collection of 60,000 books. All students have their own separate workspace. Studios, data labs, and workshops are open to students 24/7.

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Testimonials from previous students


Jomy Joseph, Master of Design. Currently PhD at AHO

My experience at AHO has been great. The studios are small and the workshops are some of the best, with staff that really push you into cultivating a critical view of design. Here you can explore any field you like with as much depth as you want to take it to. So it is mostly up to the students to use their insights and understanding of the field to learn and explore. It helps to be self motivated, be willing to fail and learn from that failure. The professors are very experienced and bring to the course learnings from research projects within the field they work in. I think the environment helps foster self driven students to have a safe space for exploration. It feels like a small community of diverse experiences and ideas and come together to create something profoundly new. That for me is exciting as a designer. 

Simon Sandoval, Master of Design

Currently works at Halogen AHO prepares you for your professional life by shaping you through a project-based/hands-on approach, and by giving you the experience of working and collaborating with both public and private organizations. I freely got to explore and define my own design education, by giving me the chance to choose my courses and frame my projects. I think this helps you to shape yourself as a professional by giving you have a better idea of what kind of designer you are: what is your approach/mindset, your areas of interest, and your main skills and characteristics. There is a close relationship and collaboration with teachers and researchers at the Institute of Design, and a great mix of different people you work with during your studies.