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Internasjonal master i design 2 år

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Student projects 



Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen. Consultant and Interaction designer. www.bekk.no

“Design education does something very rare in the realm of academia. It promotes the concept of failing forward. Of learning primarily through all the things that didn’t work. However scary this might sound, it gives you the insight that you don´t always know where you’re going, but equips you with the tools to cope with all the different situations you’re bound to to get into. Design education gave me the courage to apply for a job I wasn’t formally qualified for, and fortunately (since I got the job) it also provided me with the ability to learn fast.”



Endre Hals. Industrial designer, Entrepreneur and Producer of skis. www.eviski.com

Endre Hals from Molde is the only person in Norway who produces alpine skis, and the only  in the world to make complete customized skis from scratch. He studied at AHO.

"My studies at AHO has given me a broad expertise. Everything from practical mathematics and advanced software to materials science and experience with heavy machinery. This knowledge was very important to create a small ski factory. "
"In connection with Nils Gaup's film "Birkebeiners", Endre Hals made four pairs of skis which resembles the original. Three of these are used in the filming of stunt scenes in Sogndal "- Elisabeth Skarrud, journalist NRK. See the full article here.



Frida Almqvist. Service Designer and PhD Fellow. www.fridaalmqvist.com

Frida Almquist works as service designer and research assistant at the research unit Design for public services (DOT), and as a supervisor for the AHO master courses.
"One of the important things I learned at AHO is to really watch and listen to the people we design for. Also, I learned to ask the stupid questions that challenge established truths, by getting people to scratch their heads and think again."



Tina Alnæs. Industrial designer in HOWL designstudio, Stockholm. www.howlstudio.se // www.tinaalnaes.com

Tina Alnæs' diploma at AHO which was done in collaboration with Stokke AS, was rewarded with a "Red Dot: Best of the Best" in 2014. Tina is currently living in Stockholm, where she works as an industrial designer for HOWL Design studio.
"Through my studies at AHO I got good knowledge of a wide range of industrial methods, and implementing design processes for varied projects. This was a good foundation for my current job in a creative design agency, where we develop and design products ranging from startups to large, global brands."



Marius Andresen. Industrial designer. Co-founder and CEO of K8 industrial AS (1998-)
Bright Products (Med-founder, Board Member, Chief Designer, 2011-)
ConceptoMed (Med-founder, Board Member, Chief Designer, 2012-) 

With his background in industrial design, Marius Andresen has created K8 as well as contributing to the creation of two other pioneer businesses with global ambitions. Bright Products started at K8 during the participation of Beyond Risør and its creation of Beyond Light, a mobile light and charging project aimed towards people living in Off-Grid environments without access to electricity. Today the product illuminates over 1 million peoples’ everyday life. ConceptMed was established based on the invention Luer Jack by doctor Christian Mide which aims to contribute to a safer use of syringes.

"There is little doubt that my studies at AHO gave me the foundation to see opportunities where others see obstacles. Industrial expertise is useful in most contexts, from backyards to boardrooms, and it is great to know that you can create new tools every day just from being open and curious!" 



Sven Håkon Voldum. Interaction designer. www.drapogdesign.com // www.fastcodesign.com

After graduating in 2014, Sven Hakon Voldum soon afterwards created a creative design agency - Drap og Design AS, with three fellow students. Their first project was nominated for the INDEX Award.
"Design studies at AHO taught me that there are many ways to reach a goal. Established solutions and standards don't necessarily determine how a challenge should be tackled. It could rather be seen as one of many tools in the process leading to the outcome. This created an exploration of possibilities that inspired us to start Drap og Design after graduation. In our business, we challenge and explore, whether it´s about new opportunities or improving existing solutions."



Emilie Strømmen Olsen. Service Designer at Designit. www.designit.com // www.beyondrisor.no

Olsen graduated from AHO in 2013. She specializes in service design and worked for a year at AHO with Design for public services (DOT). She also worked as a project manager for Beyond Risør. Today she works as a service designer at Designit.

"At AHO I became aware of how many possibilities exist working as a designer. All organizations, companies and government agencies need people who can work in a structured way to find new and clever solutions to their challenges. Designers are needed in the development of everything from ergonomic toothbrushes to good patient journeys."



Torill Flyen. Industrial designer and design manager. www.vikingfootwear.com/no

Torill Flyen works in footwear design and has worked in Germany and the United States as a designer for Adidas, Reebok and Clarks. Currently she works as a product manager and design manager for Viking Footwear AS.
"Working in footwear design is about more than coming up with great ideas and drawings. Equally important are abilities to observe, listen, collaborate and convince. In addition, it is required that one can implement design projects optimally within short deadlines. Through the project-based study from AHO, I obtained knowledge as well as practical experience in design methodology, project management and project collaboration. The transition to an industrial profession was virtually painless, since AHO taught me to be self-directed and gave me my great tools for my future career."



Bjørn Teige. Manager Subsea Tie-In & Structures, Aker Solutions.

Bjørn Teige has a background as an officer in the military and studies industrial design at AHO. After graduating, he worked as a researcher and design manager at FFI. In addition, he has worked with concept development and innovation at Aker Solutions and currently heads a department in Subsea Tie-In & Structures at Aker Solutions.

"Industrial design consists of a wide range of directions and specializations. For me, the industrial design programme is about having the opportunity to explore the design profession in general, and make your own choices based on this during the education. My choice of specialization within Applied Science Product Development and Multi-disciplinary Design Management, has been a good cargo later in my professional work. "



Katinka von der Lippe. Industrial designer. Lead Designer, Eker Design ASwww.ekerdesign.com

Katinka von der Lippe is an award-winning designer with a focus on design strategy, leadership, innovation, creativity and aesthetics. She works as a Lead Designer at Eker Design AS in Norway.

"- Particularily one thing from my education contributing professionally to the person I am today: The Bird perspective. The experience of design as a connecting profession. Through my studies I gained width in understanding the designer's tasks. I witnessed how the profession came up as a liaison for several disciplines in the development. To deal with complex design and development processes with many factors are important to our customers today. "

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