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40 329 Life Cycle Methodology WALL ASSEMBLIES

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Life Cycle Methodology WALL ASSEMBLIES
40 329
Syklus 2
2024 Høst
2024 Høst
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Tine Hegli

Admission to AHO and successful completion of three years bachelor level studies (180 ECTS).

Om emnet

The seminar introduces practice-oriented strategies that can assist design development processes in achieving emissions reduction (climate mitigation), reduced waste production (resource efficiency) and further nurse necessary systemic changes in the building industry, cross sectors and in society at large (circular economy).


The fall semester 2024 we will focus on surplus masses from construction sites as point of departure for investigation of biobased building materials. We will examine quantities of surplus mass, what they consist of, how they are transported and where they end up in today´s linear economy. The aim of the exercise is to explore the upscaling potential for utilization of these masses and further narrow down the studies to investigations of alternative wall assemblies. Finally we will compare physical properties, resources efficiency  and environmental footprint to elements of existing practice. The second half the semester the students will bring in exterior walls (single materials or full assemblies) relevant for their studio project and make an identical analysis to open for discussions on environmental sustainability and circular practice.


The course will run in close collaboration with the studio Circular Prototyping CRITICAL MASS and be linked to ongoing industrial initiatives. We will use FutureBuilt guildelines as boundary conditions for emissions reduction aligned with the UN 1.5-degree target and possibly involve directly in actual pilot projects.


At the core of the course curriculum lays Life Cycle Assessment (LCA);  a methodology for assessing environmental impacts associated with all life cycle stages of a material/product, process or service. The assessment method provides transparency to the way design decisions are made and opens up for discussions on how to improve societal and/or commercial systems to meet the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). The course theoretical set-up and associated design assignments will provide an opportunity for in-depth investigation that can further lead to innovative results across studio environments and institutes. The course outcome is an illustrated report documenting the actual assessment (comparative study) and a reflection upon the potential for systems improvement. Parts of these studies will involve site visits, meetings with industry, physical investigation of surplus masses and development of representative physical models.




  • Knowledge on historical background for today’s geopolitical agenda in relation to UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and impact of the IPCC 1.5-degree pathway.
  • Knowledge on climate mitigation strategies as resulting policies applicable for the building industry – nationally and internationally.
  • Knowledge on design strategies to lower up-front carbon emissions; assessment of material properties and environmental impacts, circular design strategies and use of lifecycle methodology as guideline to assess environmentally sound result (LCAs).
  • Knowledge on production and use of bio-based materials throughout history, and of products already introduced in today’s building industry.



  • Framework, vocabulary and references relating to the LCA methodology.
  • Use of LCAs as design drivers in iterative design development processes.


General competence:

  • Assessment of material properties and environmental footprint as an integrated part of design development across disciplines.


Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter
  • Studio project as case
  • Report – template – catalogue
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