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Positions: Architecture and the production of presence

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Positions: Architecture and the production of presence
40 513
Syklus 2
2016 Høst
Lisbeth Funck

Passed level bachelor in architecture

Om emnet

The studio offers a research-based teaching, with focus on in-depth individual research into a given topic. The student is encouraged to develop an individual formal language, with the purpose to learn how to use a spatial structure as a tool to investigate architectural issues/questions.

In the fall 2016 the course will continue to investigate the relationships between the architectural categories; structure, space and material and buildings interaction with people and context.

Positions, is a spatial term that indicate movement and change of position, facilitating a different viewpoint. The semester is organized in several faces, where the material of each face is understood and completed but at the same time, the start for the next level/face. After each face the work will be confronted with a new “program”, new information, which is to be implied on the project from previous face.

The main task is to study the relation between the architectural categories structure, space and material; the ever shifting hierarchy between them. The ambiguity created by the changing hierarchies, and in the pulsating change of measurable, independent, optical, visible or not properties, opens up for question as what things are and how things appears in the world.

The task is to be examined by different standpoints/positions through practice-based investigations: text, photography, physical models and drawings. The project is finally to be confronted with accessibility, movement, and activity and placed on a real site.

Parallel to the main task, and equally important, the students are asked to do:
1. A writing assignment and a photographic documentation related to selected buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright. Key words: Measurable properties and perceptible, sensible properties.

2. Produce a “log” or a “scrapbook” of whatever inspires during the course.


• Experimental architectural design(towards an architecture)

Discussions on:
• Geometric ordering, the immanent potential in the matter, relations of building entities,
forces and appearances. Transformation, the new and the residual.
• Increased knowledge and skills in:
• Investigation methods – not problem solving
• Architecture programming

Architectural properties
• Visual and written argumentation

Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

The course will offer:
• A series of lecturers from various disciplines that presents both different positions in relation to the creative process, and reflects on the sensual experience of artworks - art understood as painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature etc.
• Discussions on relevant projects and theories in art, architecture, literature and philosophy.
• Joint reviews and lectures with studio SPA, Nils Ole Brandtzæg
• A study-trip to Chicago in collaboration with studio SPA, Nils Ole Brandtzæg. We will visit selected building by Frank Lloyd Wright
• A short study trip in Norway

• Architect Nils Ole Brandzæg (AHO)
• Professor Anders Abraham, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.
• Architect Matthew Anderson/Arkitekturkollektivet, part-time teacher

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