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40 642 Positions - Coexistence IV: LOVE

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Positions - Coexistence IV: LOVE
40 642
Syklus 2
2021 Vår
2021 Vår
Lisbeth Funck
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COEXISTENCE IV: LOVE is the fourth and final semester in Studio Position´s course series Coexistence. In the spring of 2021 the studio will continue the discussion on coexistence and how it can be investigated and materialised in architecture - architecture understood as both an autonomous structure and as a social space related to a particular site – fictional or real. 


The concept of LOVE will be discussed as a desire for, interest in, and acknowledgement of an other, and brought into the realm of architecture with the help of language – for example through concepts related to distance, proximity, accessibility, intimacy, symmetry, asymmetry, contrast, assembly, relation, separation and solitude. Inspired by the students’ subjective experiences and analyses, the task is to develop an architectural project for dwelling that carries the individual students’ chosen argument on LOVE.

To dwell: You and another or others (one, two three, four, five…), with or without pets, companions, children, a garden and neighbours (human and/or nonhuman). To live, to rest, to work, to coexist, to let be, to belong – apart and together.



The task is to develop a dwelling that facilitates everyday live and work.



Throughout the semester the students will:


  • Carry out a research question in dialogue with physical and artistic material(s) and develop an argument towards an architectural project.
  • Reflect on your architectural project in writing.
  • Display deeper knowledge and greater skills in architectural design.
  • Develop a greater awareness of/reflect upon both the measurable and non-measurable qualities of your architectural project.
  • Utilise different media to investigate your research question and combine the material into a holistic project.
  • Position yourself in relation to a contemporary discourse in art, architecture, ecology and philosophy
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Pedagogy: Artistic research+ Reflection+ Architectural design

Studio Positions provides an arena for students to concentrate and develop their own position in relation to architecture, inspiring them to delve into the social and cultural challenges that mark our time, and reflect on how these challenges have influenced our relationship to architectural space and how we use it.

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