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60 412 Landscapes in print

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Landscapes in print
60 412
Syklus 2
2023 Vår
2023 Vår
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Luis Callejas

Admission to AHO’s Master programme in Architecture or Landscape Architecture.

Knowledge in basic Adobe InDesign.

Open to Architect students, Landscape Architect students 

Om emnet

The Oslo School of Architecture is recognized for instigating and safeguarding a particular sensitivity to landscape. Originally as a unique and enduring way to engage with architecture, and more recently, as a sensitivity that evolved into a landscape architecture program. 

When we discuss landscape as a medium for design at the school, what kind of print visual material and references do we often use? What do we own in the library and our archives that contribute to making our school special regarding the intimate relationship between architecture and landscape? Is it possible to discuss this unique aspect of the school just by judging what we own in the library?



Research methods that introduce students to notions of impact and quality based on the material we can find in the library.

Learning about drawings and graphic representations as meaningful intellectual contributions.

Learning to compare different printed sources and understand the nature of design publishing, including the endurance of ideas in print.

Learning about how landscape is represented in print, and how some drawings endure and become canonical documents.

Basic techniques for discerning and organizing graphic material found in print sources

The students will acquire the knowledge necessary to effectively engage in historic graphic research with a focus on landscape architecture and landscape representation

Research techniques. Organizing print material, critically discussing the work of other designers

General competence:

Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

Weekly meetings in the AHO library around the printed material that the students find in each session. The meetings are open discussions indented to find more material and expand the sources to be discussed in the following session.

Half of the designers to be researched are suggested by Luis Callejas at the beginning of the semester. In contrast, the other half is discovered over the multiple visits to the library. At the end of the semester, the course will produce a compilation of the best and most interesting landscape representations and descriptions available in the AHO library. In addition, we will propose a new wish list for library acquisitions.

There will be one excursion to an important archive. Tentative archives are Drawing Matter (UK) and virtual visits to CCA (Montreal) To be confirmed


Link to course literature will be registered in Leganto

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Obligatorisk arbeidskrav:Oppmøte til undervisning
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Kommentar:Weekly attendance is compulsory
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Kommentar:Course attendance and participation 50%, final report 50%