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60 701 Pre-diplom for landskapsarkitektur

Full course name in English: 
Pre-diploma for landscape architecture
60 701
Syklus 2
2024 Høst
2024 Høst
Zaccariotto Giambattista

Admission to AHO and successful completion of 60 ECTS master level studies. The course is mandatory for students on the International master of Landscape Architecture in their third semester.

Om emnet

The pre-diploma at AHO is an independent research task on a theme chosen by the student. In consultation with the course teacher the student is to produce a written and illustrated report that details a topic to be studied, an approach or methodology, a spatial programme and a plan of work. This report is the foundation of the diploma work. 



  • Understanding of the complexity of a chosen landscape or urban topic and site.
  • Understanding of the ecological, social, cultural and technological conditions that govern urban or landscape design work.
  • Awareness of the chosen topic’s historical, societal and theoretical issues and its methodological consequences.
  • Understanding of one’s own individual position with the discipline.
  • Awareness of relevant research methods and techniques.


  • An ability to frame artistic and scientific research.
  • An ability to communicate ideas and plan work.
  • Ability to undertake individual research and analysis connected to a chosen topic.
  • Ability to formulate a research question.
  • An ability to self-evaluate and discuss research outcomes.

General competence:

The ability to formulate an individual landscape architecture project description. 

At the end of the course, the students will have acquired the necessary knowledge about a topic, related design questions, site, context and discourse to proceed with the independent diploma work in Landscape Architecture.


Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

Teaching/learning activities include:

  • Lectures (reception of selected contents)
  • Individual Guidance (elaboration, clarification)
  • Collective Interim Presentations (elaboration, clarification, evaluation)
  • Seminar (clarification, presentation skills)
  • Group work (Peer teaching/evaluating)
  • Report design (as learning process and outcome)

Teaching / learning tasks include: 

  • Literature review
  • Precedents review 
  • Typological and Scale studies
  • Analytical mapping
  • Interviews


 Students are expected to be in class on Tuesdays.

Obligatorisk arbeidskravPåkrevde arbeidskravOppmøte påkrevdKommentar
Annet - spesifiser i kommentarfeltet Ikke påkrevd Submissions (Moodle) of mid-term deliverables.
Obligatoriske arbeidskrav:
Obligatorisk arbeidskrav:Annet - spesifiser i kommentarfeltet
Påkrevde arbeidskrav:
Oppmøte påkrevd:Ikke påkrevd
Kommentar: Submissions (Moodle) of mid-term deliverables.
RapportIndividuellBestått / ikke beståttThe course is an individual research assignment with group discussions and interim presentations. It concludes with a pre-diploma report.
Karakterskala:Bestått / ikke bestått
Kommentar:The course is an individual research assignment with group discussions and interim presentations. It concludes with a pre-diploma report.