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65 303 The Making of the Arctic Landscape

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The Making of the Arctic Landscape
65 303
Syklus 2
2019 Høst
2019 Høst
Janike Kampevold Larsen

Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture or Architecture from university or university college, and admission to AHO's master programme in Landscape Architecture. 

Om emnet

This theory course will introduce reflections on the character of Arctic and Subarctic landscapes and territories. At a conceptual level the course will discuss historic and contemporary ideas of landscape and territory. At a more material level it will discuss how different ideas of landscape informs policies and facilitates industries.


Determining what differentiates Arctic landscapes from more temperate and more densely inhabited landscapes, the course will be looking at forces that are working upon the territory, as well as on the materialities that contribute to defining the territory, including natural and built heritage. Particularly we will be looking into the Svalbard minerals and their agency. 


Students will be familiarized with basic theories on place and territory. They will be trained in reading and analyzing an Arctic landscape, particularly with regards to identifying the operational forces in the landscape. 

Students will be required to submit a written paper at the end of the semester. They will start this during their study trip to Svalbard and work on it throughout the semester. 

  • An understanding of the matrial and social configuration of different Arctic landscapes.
  • An understanding of the geopolitical challenges in Arctic territories.
  • An ability to differentiate between landscape concepts and their use.
  • Ability to identify active landscape forces, human and nonhuman.
  • Students will be able to participate in theoretical discussion of landscape architecture as a discipline based on historical principles and as a generator of new concepts. 



Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

Three themes will be covered on 3 intensive 3-day workshops. Each day there will be a lecture and then a reading seminar. Students will read before these workshop and will be writing after.They will submit the text to professor in charge a week before nexst workshop. 



19. August: 

Introduction lecture on Svalbard as a transient territory.

History, management and preservation policies. Territorial forces.

September workshop (September 12, 13 and 16)                   

Introduction to landscape architecture’s core concepts, relationship to other fields and to theories.

October workshop (October 10, 11 and 14)

Theories on place and territories.

What is a place? Place development in the Arctic. The networked place and local initiatives.

What is a territory? Territories and management with focus on Arctic Territories at different scales, glacier to archipelago.

November/December workshop (November 31, December 1 and 4)

Natural and built heritage. Time, space and materials. 

Naturecultures: Heritage in the Arctic

A reader with a selection of theoretical and historical texts will be provided at the beginning of the semester. 

ProsjektoppgaveIndividuellBestått / ikke beståttWritten assignment that may be complemented by maps and photos. It will be evaluated by professor in charge of the course. The work will be assessed as passed/failed.
Karakterskala:Bestått / ikke bestått
Kommentar:Written assignment that may be complemented by maps and photos. It will be evaluated by professor in charge of the course. The work will be assessed as passed/failed.