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65 701 Pre-Diploma Landscape Architecture (Tromsø)

Full course name in English: 
Pre-Diploma Landscape Architecture (Tromsø)
65 701
Syklus 2
2020 Vår
2020 Vår

Successful completion of 60 credits. Last semester before diploma. Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign is recommended, as well as CAD and GIS.

Om emnet

The pre-diploma semester at AHO is an independent research task on a theme chosen by the candidate. In consultation with the course teacher, fellow students and a chosen advisor, the candidate is to produce a report that details a topic to be studied, an approach or methodology, a spatial program and a plan of work. This report is the foundation of the diploma work.

  • An understanding of the complexity of a chosen site and research topic.
  • An ability to frame landscape architectural research.
  • An understanding of the different conditions that govern landscape architecture.
  • An ability to communicate ideas and plan project work.
  • An understanding of one’s position within the discipline.
Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

The course is an individual research assignment with periodical supervision and one interim presentation of the different research components. It concludes with a pre-diploma report in an A4 format containing the following elements:


  • Description of the research topic and research question.
  • Site presentation including maps dealing with selected issues (min. three maps). These can be used to present an analysis of the site, highlight existing qualities, etc. The chosen scale should be adapted to the printed A4 format and the content of each map.
  • Reviews of relevant literature (min. three examples). These can be books, articles, reports or other relevant sources. Each review should include a summary of the chosen literature and a paragraph highlighting the relevance of this piece of literature for the diploma work.
  • Summaries and discussions of interviews with experts (min. three interviews). In this context experts are people with specific knowledge relating to the chosen topic and or site.
  • Presentations and evaluation of reference projects (min. three reference projects). Each review should include a brief description of the essential elements of the chosen reference project and a paragraph highlighting the relevance of this reference for the diploma work.


In addition to these required elements, the pre-diploma report includes a cover page, an identification page and a table of content. It can also include pictures, diagrams, timelines, historical records and any other element that supports the research question.


The pre-diploma report should be contained within 35 pages (not including cover, identification, table of content or other title pages).


A detailed schedule for the pre-diploma course will be provided at the start of the semester.

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