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80 315 Architectural Detailing

Full course name in English: 
Architectural Detailing
80 315
Syklus 2
2020 Vår
2020 Vår
Maksimum antall studenter: 
Ane Sønderaal Tolfsen

Admission to AHO and successful completion of three years bachelor level studies.

Om emnet

The seminar will provide a structure for understanding architectural detailing in terms of technical, structural, and aesthetic considerations in combination with aspects of material, scale, thermal condition, architectural concept and construction logic.

The seminar will primarily give students a framework for why elements are put together as they are – how climatic considerations are solved together with architectural aims and ideas. We will look at historical references to the making of architectural details and its current status in today’s building industry. We will investigate the relationship between the performer and the consumer – the performer meaning creator; the Architect or Engineer, and the consumer as client, builder or contractor. They all read the architectural detail in different ways in terms of - for example - cost, maintenance, fabrication, and even health and safety.

By re-drawing projects not only in detail, but also in plan, section, façade and schemes, students will investigate why and how elements are put together as they are. What does every line in the detail represent? How is heat flow and water controlled in the detail? Which material touch upon each other and which do not? What materials are chosen and why? How is its hierarchy and refinement? How does the detail deal with the buildings life cycle? What does the detail tell us about the ease of assembly? How does the detail even deal with a particular site? 

Architectural detailing is a subject within the field of architecture, where details give us knowledge of interventions and principals for constructing the built environment. Students will through lectures, tasks and discussions be introduced to the complexity of detailing.


Tutors: Ane Sønderaal Tolfsen og Ingvild Hodnekvam



On completion this course students will have learned:

  • a fundamental understanding of architectural detailing
  • historical reference through the analysis of details
  • the climatic basis of architectural detailing
  • how a detail can develop a project and how details enforce architectural ideas
  • how todays building regulations affect detailing
  • how we detail in various architectural scales (1:5, 1:20 etc) and how details work in different size of buildings
Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

The seminar will give the students analysis tasks of details from mainly architectural production in Norway. We will search for projects to analyze which is not necessarily architectural icons, but try to find buildings around us which is of higher architectural quality in our surroundings.  We will aim to work hands-on with archived drawings, site visits and analysis through re-drawing of built projects. In addition to two- and three-dimensional material produced during the seminar, the students will need to conclude their analysis and findings in concise, written texts and descriptions. Supplementing this, there will be other tasks and tutorials during the semester.

Course meetings with lectures and discussions will be held in the morning, and field trips, archival work and individual work will take place in the afternoon. The seminar lectures will support and complement the student’s individual tasks. 

Some lectures and discussions during the course will be given in Norwegian.

Students are expected to attend all course days and be active participants in the seminar activities.


The curriculum will be given out closer to semester start.

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VurderingsmappeIndividuellBestått / ikke bestått The requirement of the course will be to attend all seminar days including lectures and discussions, take active presence and work on the given assignments with quality and precision during the entire semester.
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Kommentar: The requirement of the course will be to attend all seminar days including lectures and discussions, take active presence and work on the given assignments with quality and precision during the entire semester.