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80 316 Drawing Attention

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Drawing Attention
80 316
Syklus 2
2020 Høst
2020 Høst
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Admission to AHO and Completed 3-year Bachelor (180 credits)

Om emnet

Course responsible: Terje Nicolaisen

As an overarching theme for the entire module, the  student will be asked to develop an idea-based urban space project, presented in an exhibition in the final phase of the examination period. The project can work on existing structures in the urban  space containing parks, squares, courtyards, buildings, nature, the Akerselva area as well as commercial structures. The presentation should include both outdoor space and adjacent building structures, with the main focus on the public space, with citizens as users.

  • Facilitates drawing as a tool for developing architecture, design and urban space.
  • Informal assignments explore drawing as a method to develop ideas.
  • The project will be presented and exhibited at the end of the module.

Emphasis is placed on a physical approach to drawing - and partly painting - on paper. An intermediate goal is to give the student a personal relationship with, or a level of confidence, with drawing as a place for reflection; development of ideas and exploration of detail in materiality, area outlines, public use and visual presentation.

Through informal assignments and play as well as plenary discussions, students will develop a visual and verbal language for use in further work on their own projects. Individual tutoring is available throughout the course.

  • get acquainted with different techniques for visual presentation of  their projects
  • become acquainted with both what he or she likes, but also their aversions
  • The student will be able to understand drawing as a tool for reflection and research
Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

Duration: 10 Tusedays + 5 days in the final week for indepth work at Tegnesalen.

The teacher is a visual artist with a broad practice within many different fields. He will use his artistic approach to enrich the conveyment of the course content.

Emphasis is placed on a playful, investigative practice, containing exercises with different techniques. Goal is to use this practice to find new ways on reflecting their own aesthetic choices. The assignments are aimed at testing, and the student will be able to find new and unexpected forms of visuality; materiality and structures which can feed the student`s design of various architectural or design challenges.

The students will present an idea-based project in the form of drawings and/or models, material samples and a short ingresse text that conveys the project. This presentation will take place on the last day of the module and will be presented to the rest of the school as an exhibition. A censor will be invited for final review and engage in plenary discussions that same day.

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