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S P A - Studio for Potential Architecture

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S P A - Studio for Potential Architecture
80 507
Syklus 2
2016 Høst

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Om emnet

Historical references are an essential aspect of the work as an architect. The ambition of the studio is to develop a personal methodology and architecture based on the analysis of selected examples from the history of architecture.

The semester will be divided into two parts where the first 5 weeks consists of an individual analysis of a selected historical project. For the rest of the semester the student will develop a new architectural project in another context in which the analysis of the first part shall form the basis.

Phase 1:
List of projects to analyze will be handed out at the beginning of the semester and may be projects from both near and distant history.
The individual analysis will focus on identifying the architectural qualities within the selected project. This will contain both measurable and immeasurable qualities, as for instance; spatial configurations, movement, light, structure, materiality, dimensions, relationship to context, etc. Themes to be investigated will be defined as short weekly assignments.

Phase 1 ends in one or more summary models and drawings. The level of abstraction must have a precision that allows for further personal development in phase 2.

Phase 2:
The student will choose their own site and program for the architectural project in Phase 2, but only according to specific criteria given out after phase 1 is completed. These criteria will define parts of the program, and a limited geographical area from where to find the site.

The qualities from the analysis in phase 1 will then need to be redefined and developed in the meeting with a new context and a new program..

The architectural project shall be established and developed until it is considered complete in a relevant scale. There will be special emphasis on working in model and sectional drawings to study and understand spatial relationships and qualities.


Upon completion of the course the student will gain increased knowledge about:
- Design methodology, programming and building design
- Using architectural analysis in the development of own projects
- Develop a critical attitude and awareness towards architectural quality
- Architectural representation in the form of drawing, illustration and model work.

Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

Teaching will be conducted through discussions in the studio, reviews with invited critics and lectures on relevant topics. The studio will collaborate with Studio Positions/Lisbeth Funck on joint reviews, lectures, study trip etc.

The studio is planning a study trip to Chicago where the aim, among other things will be to see the projects to be analyzed in phase 1. Destination is not finally decided.

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