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Ormondroyd, G. A.; Alfredsen, Gry; Durai Prabhakaran, R.T.; Curling, Simon; Stefanowski, B. K.; Spear, M. J.; Gobakken, Lone Ross. Assessment of the use of dynamic mechanical analysis to investigate initial onset of brown rot decay of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 2017 Volum 120. s.1-5


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Flindall, Ona; Nygaard, Marius; Hermansen, Christian (2016) Learning by Building: An Investigation of Two Studio Approaches to Design-Build Within One School of Architecture. The Future of education Conference Proceedings. 6th Conference edition. Libreria Universitaria 2016 ISBN 978-88-6292-743-7. s. 31-35

Gobakken, Lone Ross; Treu, Andreas; Zimmer, Katrin. Det levende materialet. Bruk av tre i fasader og uterom. Arkitektur N 2016 (7/8)

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Sandak, Anna; Burud, Ingunn; Flø, Andreas Svarstad; Thiis, Thomas Kringlebotn; Gobakken, Lone Ross; Sandak, Jakub. Hyperspectral imaging of weathered wood samples in transmission mode. International Wood Products Journal 2016

Sandak, Anna; Sandak, Jakub; Burud, Ingunn; Gobakken, Lone Ross. Weathering kinetics of thin wood veneers assessed with near infrared spectroscopy. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 2016 ;Volum 24.(6) s. 549-553

Smeland, Knut Arne; Liland, Kristian Hovde; Sandak, Jakub; Sandak, Anna; Gobakken, Lone Ross; Thiis, Thomas Kringlebotn; Burud, Ingunn. Near infrared hyperspectral imaging in transmission mode: assessing the weathering of thin wood samples. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 2016 ;Volum 24.(6) s. 595-604

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Berg, Pål; Treu, Andreas; Gobakken, Lone Ross; Larnøy, Erik; Flæte, Per Otto. Alt du må vite på 1-2-tre. Hyttemagasinet : Inspirerende nyttig 2015

Burud, Ingunn; Gobakken, Lone Ross; Flø, Andreas Svarstad; Thiis, Thomas Kringlebotn; Kvaal, Knut. Hyperspectral near infrared imaging of wooden surfaces performed outdoors and indoors. NIR news 2015; Volum 26.(1) s. 4-7

Høibø, Olav; Hansen, Eric; Nybakk, Erlend. Building material preferences with a focus on wood in urban housing: durability and environmental impacts, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 2015; Volum 45.(11) s. 1617-1627

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van Nieuwenhuijzen, Elke J.; Sailer, Michael F.; Gobakken, Lone Ross; Adan, Olaf C. G.; Punt, Peter J.; Samson, Robert A. (2015) Detection of outdoor mould staining as biofinish on oil treated wood. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 2015 (0964-8305) Vol. 105, s. 215-227


Alfredsen, Gry; Gobakken, Lone Ross; Flæte, Per Otto; Brischke, Christian (2014) Faktorer som påvirker levetiden til tre utendørs. Agarica 2014 (0800-1820) Vol. 34, s. 11-18

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Brischke, Christian; Welzbacher, Christian R.; Gellerich, Antje; Bollmus, Susanne; Humar, Miha; Plaschkies, Katharina; Scheiding, Wolfram; Alfredsen, Gry; Van Acker, Joris; De Windt, Imke (2014) Wood natural durability testing under laboratory conditions: Results from a round-robin test. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 2014 (0018-3768) Vol. 72 (1), s. 129-133

Burud, Ingunn; Gobakken, Lone Ross; Flø, Andreas Svarstad; Kvaal, Knut; Thiis, Thomas Kringlebotn (2014) Hyperspectral imaging of blue stain fungi on coated and uncoated wooden surfaces. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 2014 (0964-8305) Vol. 88, s. 37-43

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Gobakken, Lone Ross; Grodås, Eva; Kolstad, Sigrun (2014) Effekten av sinkoksid (ZnO) i linoljemaling på svertesoppvekst. Agarica 2014 (0800-1820) Vol. 34, s. 77-84

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