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AHO PhD Programme First Year Reviews + exhibition

Welcome to the  AHO PhD Programme First Year Reviews. AHO PhD fellows from the 2022 intake will discuss their evolving projects with invited guests in an open seminar.

Guests for the review:

Jonathan Romm, AHO PhD alumnus (Design), AHO faculty, Halogen Oslo
Helen Runting, KTH PhD Alumnus (Architecture), Secretary, Stockholm, https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Helen-Runting
Marina Otero Verzier, ETSA PhD Alumnus, Eindhoven Design Academy/, https://www.designacademy.nl/p/about-dae/community/marina-otero-verzier
Sigrun Luras, AHO PhD alumnus (Design) [joins for the day] https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sigrun-Luras
Thomas McQuillan, AHO PhD alumnus (Architecture), AHO faculty
+ Completing AHO Fellows taking the Apparatus: Framing course.
9.15       Intros                   
9.30       Serina Tarkhanian (Design)    
              Co-Healing With: Non-extractive design in the context of microbial health rights            
10.20     Sahil Mathur (Design)
              Rich Interaction Design Systems: Extending interactions through Multimodality
11.10     Audun Formo Hay (Design) 
              Thee emotional neglect in Service Design for Service System Transformation
13.00     Ricardo SImian (Design)
              Additive Manufacturing’s sweet ppot: Charting an evolving matrix through AICE            
13.50     Vignir Freyr Helgason (Urbanism and Landscape)
              Mapping, managing, and developing place qualities through replanning
14.40     Alena Rieger (Architecture)
              The material lives of buildings          
15.30     Sum up
If you would like to follow the event online, you can do so using this link: https://aho.zoom.us/j/62979071808?from=addon

Dato: 10 mai, 2023
Tid: 09:30 - 15:30

Sted: Gallery