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A Bath of Ice and Fire. Geothermal bath design

Yan Zou


Vår 2017
Institutt for urbanisme og landskap

Luis Rodrigo Callejas Mujica
"The role bathing plays within a culture reveals the culture's attitude toward human relaxation"   _By Sigfried Giedion

Bath was designed for health, sports, pleasure and culture, as well as being a place of discussion, business deals, eroticism, hedonism and crime. With the modernist hygiene movement improved, bathing reveals a culture attitude towards human relaxation which is mostly based on wealth. The natural connection to water is losing.

The project aims to design a bath as spiritual renewal as physical cleansing. Slower pleasure in waters help to reconnect us to nature in an

increasingly water-stressed era.Nudity companion as a catalyst for creating community. Ergonomics and topography fit into the pools, thus creating a unique temperature-scape that heals.


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