Digital Craft: Explorations of the craft value in ceramic making

Chen Xing Wang


Høst 2019
Institutt for design

Nicholas Sebastian Stevens
Project digital craft explores the digital design possibilities for ceramic handicrafters. It examines how the digital design tool uses the data to enhance the creativities and as a medium for crafters’ storytelling.
The proposal was taken at the standpoints from practical to speculative look at integrating digital design possibilities.
The first phase of the exploration is integrating a seamless workflow between analogue to digital, allows crafters to cross the barries of learning complex modelling tools and use the digital tool to aid their production. The second phase is illustrating the possibilities of data materialization that can be used to enhance crafter's creativities. At the very final phase, speculating the alternative use of the digital tool as a means to collect the crafters unique making story and working collectively with ceramic artist, materialize their unique personal attributes as the informative artefacts. Shifting crafters original attitude towards digital design involvement from unsure to opening.
The project reflect on the fact that crafter should continue to facilitate their skills with the involvement of the tools.
There is a variety of digital tool, instead of creating a completely new one, the exploration can benefit from seeking the alternative and creative use of existing offers. Project digital craft should be evaluated as an example of creative exploring digital design.  The project does not propose a finalized solution but illustrating and sharing these possibilities in order to inspire more designer and ceramic artist to explore this intersection field between ceramic handicraft and digital fabricating to further define a more nuanced definition of ceramic craft value in the digital age.
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