Flow: Viewing point

Sigurd Gjesti Berge


Arkitektur og landskapYtelse og komputasjon
Høst 2015
Institutt for arkitektur

Michael U. Hensel
Søren Skjensvold Sørensen
On the edge of a coastal cliff plateau in Sogn og Fjordane, a winged cantilevering viewing platform at the end of a nature trail highlights the connection between architecture and environmental conditions. By utilizing the wind to give several vantage points and provide different views of the surrounding nature and landscape, the viewing point offers a unique experience. 
The structure juts out over the sheer cliff face from a hut sheltered by a drystack stone wall. 

The cantilevering platform is partly suspended by the wind itself, ascending as the wind increases, descending in low winds. The platform stays horizontal, and is accessible via an adapting staircase.

The vertical movement of the platform underlines the relation between the architecture and environment, and is directly connected to the weather conditions. The views differ from an orchestra seat to a bird colony, one of the biggest in Norway, to an elevated view of the spectacular coastal cliff landscape particular to the area, and the mountains further inland. To the west, you have a panoramic view of the Stadt ocean.

The view offered by the kinetic platform is magnificent in good weather, and even better in what can be considered adverse conditions. This experience is orchestrated by an active relation between architecture and environment.

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