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Eileen Olsen


Vår 2024
Institutt for design

Enrique Encinas Pollos
Nadja Simha Maayan Lipsyc
GymBuddy is an app that explores how game elements can motivate users with physical injuries to exercise during rehabilitation.

For people living a busy lifestyle, finding time for self-care can be challenging. However, health, longevity and a number of chronic-pains require to maintain regular physical activity. According to World Health Organisation adults ranging from 18-64 years are recommended to be in physical activity for 150-300 minutes each week. Adults who are in higher levels of physical activity reduces the risk of cancer, cardio-vascular diseases, obesitiy and depression.

However excecuting some movements with the wrong technique can also worsen pre-existing conditions, create new injuries and be overall detrimental to people’s physical and mental health. When in pain, finding motivation to exercise can be all the more challenging.

With GymBuddy the user will be in charge of healing critters; little animal-like creatures that have been injured. In order to heal them, they will need to follow a personal exercise plan. Once the workout is finished, the user can pet their critter back into health, and welcomes them in their digital “Garden”. By repeating exercises and diversifying them, the user gets to heal and collect more and more critters, filling up their garden.

This project relies on the belief that humans are empathetic and enjoy taking care of others, sometimes more than themselves. The critters as such are an externalization of the user’s injury: by healing them, the user heals themselves.


The user can track their symptoms during their journey to gain a better understanding of their condition and potentially prevent getting new injuries. If the user reports experiencing new symptoms which last for a certain amount of time, the companion will recommend contacting a health professional or change the exercise routine accordingly.
Eileen Olsen / Eileen.Potisan.o@hotmail.com / https://shorturl.at/1H2u6