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NRK Nyss - Balanced and Reliable Political News for Youth

Yahang ChengKaya Isabella Sammerud


Vår 2021
Institutt for design

Mosse Sjaastad
Since probably forever, news has played a part in people’s lives. We share news with each other. It is influencing our opinions and worldview and gives us information to base our decisions upon. News is a lot more than just information about what is happening in the world. It is a powerful tool, it is a platform, it is a reflection room, it is a fundamental social element and it is part of most adults’ everyday lives in one way or another. 

Our diploma explores the current landscape of news. From a designer's perspective, we have through our research concluded that trusting relationships to the news media, dedicated spaces and focused consumption with high intention are elements that support a balanced and reliable news diet. Nyss is a suggestion that explores how this can be achieved in digital format. We have placed our project in the context of NRK to allow us to design with an editorial framework. Our interventions are envisioned to be implementable in the present news media landscape.



Youth mainly get their news from digital platforms. Additionally, they are in the midst of a key period of their lives, where they are building identity and forming habits and routines that support this identity. Youth’s independent way of perceiving the world is shaped, and news is a key element in this process. News is a tool that reinforces worldviews, substantiating personal relationships and being able to participate in the public and personal conversation. Their relationship to news has therefore been a central part of this project. Our suggestion for a solution is mainly targeting youth, but we envision it being used by anyone that wants to read political news and get context, key information and explanation.
Clickable prototype (for computer use only): shorturl.at/npwIS  
Kaya Sammerud Marazkayasmaraz@gmail.com
Yahang Cheng / 18221230379@163.comYahangcheng.com