Reclaim Women´s Space - a garden at Hurumzi Square, Old Stone Town, Zanzibar

Eva Birgitte Storrusten


Høst 2018
Institutt for arkitektur

Lisbeth Funck
Matthew Anderson
Inger Lise Syversen
Per Olaf Fjeld
Anders Ese
In this diploma I have interpreted the potential architecture of the lost women’s spaces to an infill-site in Old Stone Town, Zanzibar; how can architecture support female empowerment?
Through a collaboration with local stakeholders and the organization Reclaim Women´s Space, this project considers women’s position in a Muslim context were there have been a distinct gender separation traditionally. When Old Stone Town became a UNESCO-World Heritage site in 2000, the tourist industry escalated and the commercialization of space diminished the previously allocated women’s spaces.
Through an understanding of the social and cultural aspects of public spaces and architecture of this historic context, I have made this diploma project both to learn and to contribute.
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