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Tryvannstårnet: Ascending / Descending

Magnus Øivind Ullnæss


Høst 2022
Institutt for arkitektur

Erik Fenstad Langdalen
Espen Alexander Linkdjølen
Mari Lending
Alena Beth Rieger
Nicholas Ryan Coates
Between forest and city, overlooking the city of Oslo, sits Tryvannstårnet. The 118 meter high broadcasting tower is a well known landmark in the city landscape. 

As an important part of Norway’s post war infrastructural architectural history, constructional longevity has resulted in Tryvannstårnet outliving its initial program. Since its decommission in 2017 the tower has stood derelict and closed to the public. This raises the question of optimal management of our cultural heritage like Tryvannstårnet. One could ask if different approaches are needed regarding protection of industrial and infrastructural architecture in contrast to more classical examples of our cultural heritage. This diploma explores Tryvannstårnet as a multifaceted monument, and how it again can serve the public.

Magnus Ullnæss / magnusullnass@gmail.com