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Salary and contracts: short term & by the hour

Salary and time sheets for short term contracts

New routine for registration and payment of time sheets.

Applies to time sheets for lecturers, examiners, assessment committee, supervisors and student assistants.

Forms for timesheets can be found here.

The employee fills in employee information and number of hours etc. in the time sheets. This is sent / given to the course / subject manager who confirms by sending the timesheets to:

For foreign nationals who do not have a D-number, a copy of the passport must be attached. Stays of more than 3 days in Norway require a D-number.

The timesheets are registered in the payroll system and sent for electronic approval to the head of Institute/department.

The deadline for submission to timeliste@aho.no is the 10th of the month before payment month.

The deadline for electronic approval / instruction of the section / head of department is 25th of the month before payment month.

Incomplete timesheets will be sent back for correct completion.

All timesheets must have a valid contract. Timesheets without a contract will not be processed.