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Fire protection organisation

Statsbygg, by Jan Sorkness is fire protection manager

AHO has fire protection coordinators and floor managers.

Fire protection coordinator 1: Kaissar Bakkali 
Fire protection coordinator 2: Anders Rennemo
Fire protection coordinator 3: Geir Jarle Jensen

Place Floor manager Deputy
1. floor. west og north Roald Jensen Halvor Hjorth Guttu
1. floor. East, south and middle Lise Kjærstad Vibeke Aurmo
2. floor. øst og south Torgeir Blaalid Siva / Anh
2. floor. west og north Vidji Sivarajah  
3. floor. west og north Lise Korneliussen Reier Schoder
3. floor. east May C. Hellerud Cathrine Følstad
3. floor. west – IDE Tom Vavik Kathinka Bene
3. floor. west  William Kempton Marianne Berg
Trafo Adele Pariset Miriam Kvaliberg

Instructions for fire protection coordinator

The fire protection coordinators has the following assignments:

  • Constitute AHOs contact person for the owner of the building and the municipalitys fire department.
  • At all times be up-to-date on current fire regulations.
  • Ensure that AHOs localities at all times meet the standards of sufficient fire safety.
  • Inspect the localities on a regular basis and give notice of or repair violations to the fire instructions.
  • Report errors or defects on fire security technology to Statsbygg.
  • Appoint and train floor managers.
  • Carry out at least one fire drill each semester.
  • When a fire alarm goes off, the fire protection manager must immediately move towards a set place in the AHO courtyard to receive reports from the floor managers and to communicate with the fire department.
  • In case of a fire always wear visible identification (vest, jacket etc) labelled ”Brannvernleder”.
  • Keep the ”Fire manual” constantly updated and organized.

 Instructions for floor managers

  • The main task of the floor managers is to ensure that all people leave his or her assigned area in case of a fire alarm. The floor manager must deliberate whether or not it is safe to enter the floor and how long it is safe to stay.
  • All fire alarms must be perceived as real.
  • When a fire alarm goes off, the floor manager is responsible for searching the assigned area. Due to security reasons, a search must always be conducted by at least to persons.
  • Injured persons must be evacuated. Call for help if necessary.
  • If possible, all doors into the area where fire has originated must be closed.
  • If fire/smoke makes it impossible to search the floor (decided by the floor manager), this must be reported to the fire protection manager or the fire department.
  • As soon as the assigned area is searched and cleared, the floor manager must report at the assigned meeting place outside and report to the fire protection manager.