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Library regulations

Lending rights

All students and employees may borrow books as long as they are registered at the school. For exchange students until the end of the term.

Students and staff at KHiO get temporary and limited lending rights by showing a valid access card. Registration of KHiO lenders between 08.30-15.00. 

Others may use the collections when visiting the library and borrow books through the inter-library loan system.

Violation of the regulations may result in loss of borrowing rights.

Loan and renewal 

The normal lending period is 28 days. DVDs and course reserves must be returned within 7 days. You can renew books as long as another user does not require them. It is not possible to renew courses books. The library offers inter-library loan services only for persons who hold a AHO library card. 

It is not possible to borrow bound journals or books marked ref., lesesal or mag. Unbound journals (new issues) may be borrowed for 1 day to AHO patrons. 

The library does not provide through inter-library loan books marked course, guide, data, or DVD.

Patron’s responsibilities

You are responsible for all books registered on your card. We will charge for lost or damaged documents.

You are responsible for keeping track of your loans in Oria. If you fail to renew or return documents, you will lose your right to borrow books. If you fail to pay the charges on time, we will send it to legal collection (inkasso). 

It is mandatory for all patrons to check their emails regularly. AHO students should use the AHO-email address.

If you are on long-term absence from AHO, you should return all borrowed material. 

Lost items replacement fee

  • Minimum replacement cost: NOK 700,-.
  • Governmental publications and booklets:  NOK 350,-.
  • Higher fees may apply in order to cover the real replacement cost.
  • The replacement fee is waivered if you replace the lost item with a new copy.