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Design as a change-making process

Bruce Snaddon defended his PhD thesis "Learning for future knowing now: investigating transformative pedagogic processes within a design faculty in a South African university of technology" at AHO on October 14th, 2020. 

A New Conceptualization of Wood

Marcin Wojcik defended his PhD thesis "Reframing wood construction. Innovation in architecture through activating material properties with the use of digital technology" at AHO on December 4th, 2020. 

Join us as AHO Design grows

With twice as many students, we are looking for skilled and passionate colleagues to join us in shaping our disciplines and inspiring future designers.  

The Ripppling Effect by Manuela Aguirre Ulloa

Manuela Aguirre Ulloa received her PhD degree at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, June 5th 2020. Her thesis looks at how public organizations can build the capacity to co-design public services together with their users, not just for them. With that systemic service design mindset she hopes to bridge the disconnect between those who design and those who are served by public services, as all expertise, knowledge and design abilities are needed.