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AHO will co-host this years Teachers' Conference

On Thursday and Friday June 23-24, AHO will co-host the 2021 ACSA-EAAE Teachers' Conference, together with the Pratt Institute.

Watch the students build Plattformen

For the 75th anniversary of The Oslo School of Architecture and Design - AHO Open, our architecture students from the first year did a project to build an installation on the campus. Watch the video of the building process. 

See the exhibition Six Norwegian Prisons. Ideas, Spaces, Experiences

This project began with the questions: How have different ideas about prisons been reflected in prison architecture over time? And how is that architecture, in turn, experienced by prisoners? The exhibition by Sophie Angelis, Hedda Giertsen, Elisabeth Tostrup, Zahra Memarianpour, is now online.

Per Olaf Fjeld on Louis Kahn -120 at London Festival of Architecture

In 2021, we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the iconic American architect Louis Kahn. This event explores how Kahn’s work continues to form the understanding of timeless modernism today and Kahn’s little-known Nordic ties: early childhood in Estonia, his travels and how his early experiences in Estonia would shape his architectural sensibility.