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Inhabiting the architectural envelope

Imagine sitting in a deep window with a cup of coffee, watching the life of a city and the passersby;¬ or maybe you are gazing into the forest, to the trees and animals… Either way, you are connected to the outside and the inside at the same time in an inhabitable pocket – you feel you’re somehow part of it. 


Students & faculty cordially invite you to enjoy AHO’s online AHO WORKS STUDIO+DIPLOMA EXHIBITION

Courses for spring 2021

The courses for autumn 2020 are ready. The master´s students at AHO can choose between a number of courses. Some are open to all students in our master programs, other courses are for a spesific program. 

Explore the hidden treasures of the AHO library

Did you know the AHO library is an excellent place to go treasure hunting? The library has a rich history and holds around 50.000 books and magazines, plenty of them unique and special.