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Process video of Linjen

Watch a process video from the construction of Linjen, which was this year's concrete project for the students who are in their first year of architecture. It is student Brage Hofgaard who has filmed the construction from start to finish with drone footage from Eine Gaaserud.

Architect students launches AHO Podcast

This autumn marks the launch of The Oslo School of Architecture and Design's first podcast, at the initiative of architecture students Viktor Nordheim and Tord Mardoff Nielsen.

An active year for Per Olaf Fjeld

Per Olaf Fjeld has been active over the past year with a number of international lectures, jury work and writing. 

AHO staff named top ten in systemic design

Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) has made a list of the top ten in systemic design. AHO staff members Manuela Aguirre, Birger Sevaldson and Tobias Luthe are on this list.