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AHO staff named top ten in systemic design

Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) has made a list of the top ten in systemic design. AHO staff members Manuela Aguirre, Birger Sevaldson and Tobias Luthe are on this list. 

Pan Scroll Zoom

The AHO studio course “The Forest” is published in the new book “Pan Scroll Zoom: Teaching Architecture Under Lockdown. 20 Studios Worldwide That Went Online” published by Drawing Matter. 

Exhibition of students’ projects from AHO Guest Studio

On Sunday 24 October the exhibition “Along the Pearling Path - Reimagining Baraha” is opening in The House of Architectural Herritage, Muharraq, Bahrain. The exhibition is a result of the AHO Guest Studio course “Pearling Path” from autumn 2020. 

Experiments between aesthetic and ecology

AHO and UiT students together in a workshop at UiTs research facility at Ramfjordmoen this September.