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Follow the review of the diploma projects on Zoom

Welcome to the final reviews for the diploma candidates in design, architecture and landscape architecture from 11th – 20th June! The reviews can be followed on Zoom and are open to everyone. The diploma exhibition can be seen online from 25th June – 21st August. 

AHO wins 3rd. prize at the Cumulus Green 2020

"Cumulus Green 2020: For A Circular Economy" is an international student competition organized by Cumulus, the only global association serving universities and colleges of art, design and media.

Courses for autumn 2020

The courses for autumn 2020 are open to registration. The master´s students at AHO can choose between a number of courses. Some are open to all students in our master programs, other courses are for a spesific program. 

Last chance to collect your belongings (June 2-6)

Collect the things you want to take home. Last chance to collect what you need.