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We are expanding the campus

AHO is expanding the campus with new premises nearby to accommodate a growing school. Campus AHO will include Maridalsveien 29, Maridalsveien 21 and Akersbakken 12. 

MOOC course on systemic design by Tobias Luthe

AHO professor Tobias Luthe is launching a free online course on systemic design. Developed by ETH Zurich and partners, the course features many contributions from our teaching staff. 

AHO students in solidarity with Ukraine

Tuesday 15 March AHO students gathered on campus in solidarity with Ukraine. 

Irene Alma Lønne new rector at AHO

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) has the pleasure to announce that AHO's board on Wednesday 9 March decided to employ Irene Alma Lønne as the new rector. Lønne begins the tenure 1 August 2022.