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Vinnere av AHO WORKS AWARDS med diplomer og rose

Winners of the AHO WORKS AWARDS diploma edition 2022

Before the diploma ceremony on 20 January, three prizes were awarded in the AHO WORKS AWARDS for the best diploma projects from the semester. Congratulations to the winners!

Diploma reviews at AHO, autumn projects 2022

Welcome to the final reviews for the diploma students in design, architecture and landscape architecture on 9 January - 13 January. The reviews are open to everyone and can be seen on campus or followed live digitally. The diploma exhibition opens at AHO on 14 January.

AHO WORKS AWARDS winners 2022

16 awards were handed out during the AHO WORKS AWARDS on 15 December. Congratulations to all winners!

Book Launch: Piranesi and the Modern Age

In connection with the acclaimed exhibition “Piranesi and the Modern”, the National Museum invites you to the launch of Victor Plahte Tschudi´s book Piranesi and the Modern Age, published with the MIT Press.