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My Pocket Coordinator project won iF Design Talent Award

Last semester in the module course "the Service Ecosystem Design" led by Josina Vink, students Åse Lilly, Lisa, Francesca and Silvia created the project My Pocket Coordinator. The project has now gone on to be one of the winners of the iF Design Talent Award 2022. 

Congratulations to everyone who received their diploma!

Friday 10 June 77 students received their diplomas from AHO. Years of hard work are over for our candidates in architecture, design, urbanism and landscape architecture.

See the AHO WORKS DIPLOMA + STUDIO exhibition

The AHO WORKS DIPLOMA + STUDIO exhibition is now open. Come see projects from this semester presented all over campus. 

Two new heads of institute have been hired

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) has searched for two new heads of institute for the Institute of Architecture and the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape. The process has now been completed and we will have the pleasure of welcoming two new colleagues next semester.