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Meet AHO's new Student Team

The student team consists of student counsellors Siv Svanåsbakken, Siv Taran Skaret and Solvei Grimen Fosse. Together, they have worked to create low-threshold offers for the students, while also wanting to make the counsellor's presence at the school more visible. Some of the activities include yoga, strength training, waffle Thursdays and coffee chats at the pub. In this interview, the Student Team talks about the background behind the initiative and their plans for the future. 

AHO students in solidarity with Ukraine

Tuesday 15 March AHO students gathered on campus in solidarity with Ukraine. 

Irene Alma Lønne new rector at AHO

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) has the pleasure to announce that AHO's board on Wednesday 9 March decided to employ Irene Alma Lønne as the new rector. Lønne begins the tenure 1 August 2022.

Congratulations to everyone who received their diploma!

Friday 21 January 55 students received their diplomas from AHO. Years of hard work is over for our candidates in architecture, design, urbanism and landscape architecture.