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Stipendiat og GIS-ansvarlig
Espen Aukrust Hauglin er stipendiat ved Institutt for urbanisme og landskap hvor han undersøker bruk av GIS (geografiske informasjonssystemer) i byplanlegging. Prosjektet fokuserer på hvordan bruk og visualisering av geografisk data kan åpne for nye perspektiver og avdekke nye spatiale relasjoner.
Espen ble utdannet ved Arkitektur-og designhøgskolen i Oslo i 2001 med diplomprosjektet Byutvikling i Øst; urban prosjektering langs havnefronten. Etter to års litteraturstudier ved NTNU, startet han sin arkitektutdannelse ved Bergen Arkitektskole hvor han mottok bachelorgraden i 1998.

Curriculum Vitae - CV


1999–2001 The Oslo School of Architecture and design (AHO)
Master of Architecture degree. Diploma, The City from the South, urban design project for harbor area south of Oslo City. Professor Karl Otto Ellefsen, advisor.
1995–1999 Bergen School of Architecure (BAS) – Bergen, Norway.
Bachelor degree in architecture, B. Arch.


2004– Current   The Oslo School of Architecture and design (AHO)
Institute of Urbanism and Landscape.
Teaching: Graduate and undergraduate architecture design studios and seminars concerning the intersection of landscape architecture, urbanism and contemporary culture.
Research: Interreg IIIb (EU), academic and professional collaboration between nine cities in the North Sea, concerning harbor fronts development.

Spring 2009: PhD candidate at the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape with a project that studies the use of GIS in strategic planning. The project is focusing on how geographical information can expose urban patterns and how such information, both spatial and nonspatial, can reveal new site relationships

Spring 2008: Coordinator at the Master in Landscape Architecture course Research on the Norwegian Landscape: Design strategies for the urban territory in Stavanger. The studio was lead by the invited guest professors Alan Berger, MIT, Department of urban studies and planning, Gilles Vexlard,  Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles and Alex Wall, Karlsruhe University, Germany.

Spring 2007: Assistant teacher at the Master in landscape architecture course Landscape urbanism: Cantho. The studio was lead by guest professor Kelly Shannon from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
- International design workshop in Konegliano, Italy, Pra dei Gai, a new centrality in diffused territory. The workshop explored the relation between water management, landscape architecture and urbanization. The workshop was a collaboration between TU Delft, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, UPC Barcelona, The University Iuav of Venice and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Fall 2006: Assistant teacher at the Master in Landscape Architecture course Hurtigruten with Professor Rainer Stange and. The studio takes on landscape strategies for cities along the coastal express boat in northern Norway.
- Coordinating the first year education with Lars Haukeland and Silje Kolltveit.
- Assisting the research project Interreg IIIb, an academic and professional collaboration with nine cities around the North Sea on harbor front development.
- Assisting the theory course with Hettie Pisters in landscape architecture, urbanism and contemporary culture.

Co-editor for the AHO guest lecture series with Christian Falch Kjellsen.

Spring 2006: Assisting the undergraduate course in Urbanism lead by the head of institute of Urbanism Peter Hemmersam and faculty members Christian Falch Kjellsen and Karen Sletvold.
- Teaching 1st year with Ellen Hellsten and associate professor Lars Haukeland.
- Co-editor of an international seminar at AHO for the Interreg IIIb project (EU); Waterfront Community Project in Oslo, 2006.

Fall 2005: Coordinated the first year education with Ellen Hellsten and associate professor Lars Haukeland.
- Responsible for the theory course “Current theories II”, discussing contemporary urban theories and urbanism.
- Part of research team for the Waterfront Community Project, participated as academic partner at international seminars and study visits to other port cities.      
Spring 2005: Co – teaching the studio course “Urban Ecology” with Hanne Jonassen. The studio investigated design strategies for urban ecological housing in Drammen, Oslo.
- Taught 1st year design studio.
Fall 2004: Teaching at the studio course “Life Science Park” with institute leader Peter Hemmersam and faculty member Christian Falch Kjellsen. The studio worked with transformation of an urban site and extension of the Oslo University.
- Assisted the 2nd year studio in urbanism and urban design with Randi Wøien, Magnus Wåge and Anne Dragsund.
Spring 2004: Assisted 3rd year design studio lead by institute leader Peter Hemmersam and faculty member Magnus Wåge. The studio worked with transformation of an urban site for an extension of the Oslo University.
- Taught 1st year design studio.


2003 Own practice/Consultancy
- Commission by Selvaag Bygg for a conceptual study of 2000 housing units in suburban Oslo. The study prorpsed using the local landscape as a structuring device for new development.  
- ”Alternative study for Activity Park at Vippetangen” (Oslo). Making a proposal for how to develop a harbour site into Activity Park, using landscape as overall strategy. (Together with Gilardhi+Hellsten Architects).
-Honorable mention in the open international architecture competition “Public  space in Bjørvika” (Oslo), working with a series of public spaces that functions independent of future program.
-Honorable mention in “Europan 7”, an International competition for young architects. Transformation of 39 hectare at Økern in Oslo. The proposal developed new suburban ways of living and established an overall strategy for the area..
-Alternative studies for transformation of a former brewery into commercial and cultural use, Grünerløkka (Oslo) 25.000 square meters (consultancy).
2003: L.O.F. Architects (Oslo)
Urban housing project. Development of an overall scheme for 200 units, Økern (Oslo).
2002: Dark Architects (Oslo)
Alternative studies for the Oslo Sporveier, strategies for compact development around stations along the subway in Oslo.
2001: Narud – Stokke - Wiig Architects (Oslo)
Development of cultural house and port terminal in Svolvær (northern Norway)
2000: Co- designer at the Oslo School of Architecture and design (Oslo)
“Mapping a new Oslo”, Architecture Triennale in Oslo 2000, Ways of Living. Institute of Urbanism at AHO proposed a project emphasizing the larger Oslo and concrete strategies for how to develop the regional landscape.     


2003: “Seeing: Økern”, Europan NO 7, Norway, publication of winners and honorable mentions of the Europan sites in Norway. Essay co-authored with Guttorm Ruud, p. 75.
2000 “Mapping a new Oslo”, Arkitekturtriennale Oslo #1 2000, Ways of Living.


2006: Rom for Art & Architecture
-Board member for the period 2006-2008. An independent institution arranging exhibitions, seminars and workshops, cross-disciplinary between artists, architects and planners (Oslo).