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Tine Hegli


Institutt for arkitektur

Professor Tine Hegli holds a tenure position at the Institute for Architecture, where she teaches a master studio in the field of sustainable architecture. 

Tine Hegli was born in Trondheim, Norway in 1971. Since receiving her Masters degree in Architecture from Norwegian University of Science and Architecture (NTNU) in 1997, she has gained extensive experience from both national and international projects.  She has been employed in the multinational and interdisciplinary environment of Snøhetta since 2001. She still holds a position with the company and is engaged in a number of Snøhetta's projects where high ambitions within environmental sustainability is required.

Hegli has held central positions in several renown projects, like the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, Oslo, the National September 11 memorial Museum Pavilion, New York, USA, and King Abdullaziz Center of World Culture, Saudi Arabia.

She has over the past decade evolved a dedicated focus on zero emission projects, both small and large scale and worked closely with research environments at both NTNU and Harvard University. Within this field of work, Tine Hegli has been instrumental in the realization of several pilot projects now setting the standard for national and international methodology, ambition levels and focus on interdisciplinary efforts. Amongst these are the Powerhouse projects, ZEB House Larvik and Harvard HouseZero in collaboration with Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, USA. The collaborative work and realized projects have resulted in several publications as well as broad media attention.
In 2015 she was invited as a guest professor at the “Belluschi Visiting Distinguished Professorship”  at University of Oregon, School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Department of Architecture, in Oregon USA.

Tine Hegli holds, and has held, positions as a board member or member of advisory boards for amongst others The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB), Snøhettaand the Faculty of Architecture and Design at NTNU. She is a frequently invited speaker at national and international conventions.

Hegli currently lives at Grunerløkka in Oslo with her husband and two sons. She is a dedicated nature lover, prefers trains to planes and is currently testing out leasing of hens in a dense city environment.