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40 324 ACDL; Toolbox

Full course name in English: 
ACDL; Toolbox
40 324
Syklus 2
2022 Høst
2022 Høst
Maksimum antall studenter: 
Søren S. Sørensen

Admission to AHO and successful completion of three years bachelor level studies (180 ECTS).

Om emnet

We in the ACDL group (Advanced Computational Design Laboratory) usually run a project studio which seeks to discuss and investigate how new technology and engineering contributes to shaping the architecture of the future.

This fall we offer an elective course where we will focus on process, workflow and tools for developing and communicating architectural projects.

We strongly believe that architects of today need to keep up with, and master some of the vast possibilities of computational tools. At the same time we place great importance in nurturing the classical tools in the Architects toolbox; such as hand sketches and model building. You cannot move forward if you don’t know where you came from, and oscillating between analog and digital unlocks the biggest potential for finding creative solutions to architectural challenges.

Academia has a great responsibility in encouraging imaginative and innovative ways to create architecture. ACDL has a holistic approach to architecture with a strong emphasis on computational design, technology and parametrics. We put great importance on investigating effective and professional ways to convey ideas to others, be it through partidiagrams, models, sketches, VR/AR, video, renderings... or something else all together!


- of associative modelling.
- of tools for analysis and simulation relating to building performance.
- of advanced architectural visualization.

- in computational design in architecture.
- in utilizing associative modelling systems for architectural design.
- in using analysis tools, realtime visualization and simulations as part of the design process.

General competence:
- Project workflow.
- How to set up and follow through a design process that leads to the desired result.
- On computational tools as part of the design process.

Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

The semester will be organized as a series of seminars and workshops on digital tools, lectures and supervision. We will introduce a range of computational methods and tools, and discuss when and how to implement these in a project development workflow.

The intention is to support students in developing their own design methodology while bridging analog processes and digital tools.

VurderingsmappeIndividuellBestått / ikke beståttThe final grade will be based on process book and final presentation.
Karakterskala:Bestått / ikke bestått
Kommentar:The final grade will be based on process book and final presentation.