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40 507 Embedded Architectures

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Embedded Architectures
40 507
Syklus 2
2017 Høst
2017 Høst
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Søren S. Sørensen
Michael Ulrich Hensel

Completed Bachelor Studies

Working Knowledge in Rhino

Studio participants are required to take the elective course ‘Information-based Design’

Om emnet

This project-based studio offers practice oriented design assignments focused on designing new environments for human habitation. This implies architectures that are closely embedded into their context. Together we will seek to address societal and environmental dynamics through the medium of architectural design in response to locally specific conditions and circumstances, and societal and environmental changes that require architectural designs that go beyond current standard practice. The work will be conducted in close collaboration with the renowned practices Snøhetta and Kieran Timberlake.

During the fall semester 2017 we will focus on locally specific spatial, programmatic and environmental criteria. Our process will involve the study of existing architectures and constructions and related data-collection. The collected data will serve as an input into the design process. Students will be working individually or in small teams and participate in specific research and research by design activities, as well as design projects. The design project will be located in Italy, where we will be going as an excursion. In addition there will be shorter visits to existing projects that are likely designed by the collaborating practices.



To develop an understanding of and a response to the increasingly complex design requirements architectural designs have to meet and therefore to be prepared for practice in architecture and the challenges architects need to meet.
The ability to set up and follow through a design process that leads to the desired result;
The ability to utilize design as a method of research in architecture that facilitates the conception of novel architectural designs;
Students will gain detailed knowledge of the architectural and computational design themes pursued by the studio and develop skill in computational design in architecture;
Students will gain the ability to develop designs based on specific performative criteria in an integrated manner from the conceptual stage to the material articulation through computational design;
Knowledge in associative modelling and generative systems;
Knowledge in use of advanced architectural and design visualization;

Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

Research-by-Design Project

Weekly studio tutorials and project discussions with regular participation of the collaborating practices

Lectures by staff with participation of the collaborating practices

Seminars by staff with participation of the collaborating practices

Computational methods workshops

Study trip with participation in research seminars and activities

Public reviews with participation of the collaborating practices


Core thematic foci include:
• Performance-oriented Architecture;
• Information-based Design;
• Embedded Architectures and New Environments;

The methodological approach encompasses:
• Performance-oriented Computational Design;
• Integration of data-driven Methods, Processes, Information and Analysis;
• Data-collection and utilization in computational design;

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Oppmøte til undervisning Påkrevd 90% Attendance at lectures, workshops, seminars and tutorials is required.
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Obligatorisk arbeidskrav:Oppmøte til undervisning
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Kommentar: 90% Attendance at lectures, workshops, seminars and tutorials is required.
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Kommentar:Alle tre innleveringer må leveres for å få lov til å levere prosjektoppgave
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