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80 412 asBuilt: Munchmuseet

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asBuilt: Munchmuseet
80 412
Syklus 2
2019 Vår
2019 Vår
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Amandine Kastler
Erlend Skjeseth

Admission to AHO and successful completion of three years bachelor level studies (180 ECTS). 

The course is open for all students on Master level. Since most of the archive material is in Norwegian we will make a prioritization that ensures that a considerable part of the students command a Scandinavian language.

Om emnet

This elective will pursue archival research to investigate the building history of the Munch Museum in Tøyen, designed by architects Myklebust and Fougner and completed in 1963. The work will culminate in an asBUILT publication. The book will cover the entire life span of the building, from its inception, after Edvard Munch bequeathed his estate to the city of Oslo in the 1940’s, to its final phase through its fifty-five-year history as a museum and research institution. The book will use the building as a lens for investigating cultural and political decision-making in post-war Oslo. Moreover, as well as a commentary on the contemporary drive towards centralization of culture manifest in the decision to move the museum to Oslo’s newly developed harbour area in 2019. Just as other notable examples of post-war architecture in Norway, the Munch Museum stands on the threshold of an uncertain future and the book will aim to raise awareness of the qualities of the original design and the historical importance of the building.

The material available in the archives span the entire procurement and construction processes, including early tender documents; specifications; original and annotated drawings documenting extensions in successive interventions; correspondence between the architects, the city and the museum’s director, and extensive reference material from museums around the world. These physical and material archives are a treasure throve of historical evidence and offers a unique insight into how the building was conceived, amended, expanded and ultimately left behind in the political processes of the last decade.


The course will provide students with the methodological tools for sorting and analysing large quantities of archival material, employing scholarly methods, writing about architectural history, curatorial conceptualization, exhibition history, analysing modernist architecture, as well as lending valuable insight into the processes of planning a publication. 

Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

The aim for the course will be to organize and disseminate the vast information embedded in the archives and attempt to present the most telling pieces of evidence. The course is seminar-based, involving lectures, presentations and discussions. The students will work individually with archival material, interviews, and investigations into the structure. Part of the deliverables for each student will be to write an essay and to create a tableau of items based on a selection of specific objects in the archive, to tell a story of the life of a building through forensic exemption of archival fragments. The course will also revisit the work produced by the Re Store Studio in the spring semester of 2017, which featured analysis of the building and its immediate context, as well as a multitude of visions for its potential future use.

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