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ÅSLIR åpent | sammen | livet | rituale. A frame for ceremonies

Karoline Borander HolmestrandStina Meinicke


Høst 2023
Institutt for arkitektur

Bente Johanne Kleven
In Norway today, more than 50 percent of the population is not religious. This means that almost 3 million people have no access to good premises for non-religious ceremonies. Åslir is a proposal of how a faith-neutral ceremony building could look like and be used in practice. This is a building based on the values of openness and unity, in a place where life is in focus, framed in rituals. Åslir means ”Åpent”, ”sammen”, ”livet” and ”rituale”.

Firstly, the building should be a nice place to be, which means a beautiful setting for a wide range of people, emotions and events. A word often associated with such buildings is ”solemn”. What different people associate with the word ”solemn” varies greatly and this has been important for us to research.

We do believe it is essential that a building like this can be used beyond Saturdays and Sundays, when ceremonies are often held, both in terms of the environment, the economy and society. We have therefore paid attention to how a ceremonial space can be a versatile space, and thereby also offer a contribution to society in everyday life.







Karoline Borander Holmestrand & Stina Meinicke
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