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Invisible Garden

Bo Peng


Vår 2019
Institutt for arkitektur

Rolf Gerstlauer
Per Olaf Fjeld
This project aims at an in-depth study bound to the phenomenology of architecture in which I discuss the process of recognizing and making architecture with "garden qualities".
"Garden awareness" approached me from my daily life, and this, in turn, became fragmentary memories of "a garden" as the intimate space that connects to the greater world.
Memory occurs in different time and place, I re-enact those moments, visualize and transcribe them into architectural space. By looking at the materials that I have brought out, I begin to understand my place in the world.
The work consists of varied longings.  One of the longings is to invite other participants to perceive the garden. Just like the quote from The Peony Pavilion said- "Without entering the garden, one cannot see how much spring occurs."
Bo PengPb4527@gmail.com