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Learning from Bjølsen

Elise Berg Tichy


Høst 2023
Institutt for arkitektur

Halvor Weider Ellefsen
The thesis explores the social functions of the urban space and promote awareness of its local significance. The term “hverdagsrommet” or “everyday space” suggest a space that is traversed regularly but may not be deeply contemplated.

In this thesis, I explore two everyday spaces at Bjølsen, through thorough investigation. Looking at their current elements, historical significance, and envisioning their potential contributions to the neighborhood. While often utilized for commuting or daily passage, these spaces harbor untapped potential for a variety of activities, facilitated by small improvements.


How can one better facilitate for social interactions in everyday spaces? 

And how will reversing the mobility pyramid affect the already existing urban spaces in the city?

Elise Berg Tichy / Elise.Tichy@gmail.com