Unknown Preservatio

Jacob Wood


Arkitektur og landskapInfrastruktur og landskap
Vår 2019
Institutt for urbanisme og landskap

Janike Kampevold Larsen
To preserve an unknown object it must be established into a tangible object, a thing to be understood and seen. It is through this creation of the unknow that the preservation takes place. Through the care employed in creation a new manner of interaction between unknown and tangible occurs.
The Alberta Tar Sands are an ever present element in Canadian life, but they are never truly depicted in their entirety. From an unknown, prehistoric ocean, to one that is invisible and underground, the Alberta Tar Sands are an unseen, unknown, and intangible geological form spreading through Northern Alberta. The tar sands are an ocean-like object formed through the transformed remains of prehistoric ocean-bound organisms. This representation of them in their entirety serves to preserve their unknown.
Jacob Wood / jake.c.wood93@gmail.com